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About Woven Colour

About the Artwork

Each tapestry design is a project. Laura conceives an initial design and then makes a painting.


A line drawing of the painting, known as a cartoon, is created in the size of the final tapestry. The line drawing is copied on to the cotton warp threads on the loom.


To achieve colour and in particular the colour graduations, a colour blending technique of the weft yarns is used which enables the gradual progression from one colour to another. Laura’s preferred yarn fibre is alpaca as this takes dyes really well. The yarns in the tapestries may be alpaca, or Laura may use a blend of alpaca and other natural fibres such as llama, cotton and silk where necessary to achieve a particular colour or effect.


The tapestry is then hand woven in Laura’s workshop. Laura employs a select group of weavers that he has taught to weave with his own special techniques, which include colour blending and woven texture that Laura has developed himself. The weavers work under Laura’s careful supervision.


The designs may be produced as unique works of art, limited editions or have the potential for unlimited reproduction. As each tapestry is hand woven, even the limited editions and designs with potential for unlimited reproduction are unique; the process of hand weaving will not create identical reproductions as the colours and textures will vary slightly between each tapestry.


Once off the loom, the tapestries are prepared for sale, and each one has a Laura certificate of authenticity sewn on the reverse.