Gallery of Tapestries

We have created a catalogue containing a selection of tapestries with the different styles and colour ranges. The gallery here shows a selection of the current catalogue, but two dimensional pictures cannot fully show the true beauty of these works of art. Contact us to find out how you can see them in the ‘fibre’.


In addition to the items in the catalogue, we are able to work with you and Laura to commission a new tapestry, in order to achieve an art work that meets your criteria. Commissions can be based on existing designs which can be modified to suit your requirements or created from scratch with your design and colour ideas.





CV-1602 Intimate Dialogue with the Mother (120x130cm) CV-1614 Light Breath of the Mother (120x130cm) KP-815 Water Goddess Ritual X (120x120cm) KP-836A Water Goddess Ritual XXXVI (100x120cm) KP852C Abundance of Fruit of the Sea (120x120cm) KP981B Ritual to Water and in the Presence of Fish (120x120cm) KP-983A  Fish in the Intiraymi (Sun Fest) I (120x120cm) KP-991 Joy in the Water Fesival of the  Mayor (120x120cm) KP-992 Happy Sunset (120x120cm) KP-993 Sunset (120x120cm) MU-900 Harvest Festival (100x120cm) MU-904S Musicians IV (100x120cm) MU-905S Musicians V (90x120cm) TA-308 Voices of the Water Goddess I (120x125cm) TA-331A Andean Dawn (120x120cm) TA-341B Harvest Festival (120x120cm) TA-366 Sundial II (100x150cm) TA-367B Presence of the Spirit of the Jaguar II (120x120cm) TA-372 Trilogy of Gods I (120x120cm) TA-397B Fire of the Earth (120x150cm) TA1410B Head of the Jaguar I (120x140cm) TA-1439 Warrior of the light  (100x120cm) TA-1477 Greater Spirit VII (120x120cm) TA-1494 Possessed by the Greater Spirit of the Condor III (120x130cm) TA-1502L Easter Sun (120x170cm) also available smaller (100x120cm - TA-1502S) YP1102 Light of Dawn (80x120cm) YP-1125 Flight of the Condor in the Andes (80x120cm) YP-1138B Look of the Jaguar V (80x120cm) YP-1144A / Sanctuary of the Condor VI (80x120cm) also available in blue (YP-1144B) YP-1160B I & II Head of the Jaguar X (50x140cm each) YP-1200 Sublimation of Intihuatana II (60x160cm)